As a rideshare driver, you know for a fact that you are constantly in contact with people the moment you go out of your home.

And with the COVID-19 vaccine still in it’s testing phase, not using protective gear when on the job does not only compromise your health but that of your passengers - and most importantly your loved ones.

Using an n95 respirator mask, nitrile disposable gloves, a full face respirator mask, and even having motion sickness bags at the ready, is not about being scared. And by no means it’s just about looking hip.

Rather, it’s about making sure that you will be able to make a living without having to worry about any repercussions.

We know that these are trying times for rideshare drivers. Most are working at home, and those that do go out either prefer to walk, or use alternative forms of transportation like bicycles.

And can you really blame them? If you were in their shoes, would you trust to breathe the same air inside a car driven by a complete stranger?

And that is why we at came out with our own line of health and safety products - designed to make ridesharing much safer - for both you and your passenger.

Full Face Respirator Mask 

Our safety full face mask was designed to completely protect your face from aerosol particles. It has a powerful filtration system that prevents toxic gases and vapors from freely entering your nostrils and mouth.

And when it comes to driver’s safety, it has a large exhalation valve that releases exhaled air - minimizing or even eliminating fogging so that you can drive your passenger from point A to B comfortably.

N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator Mask

Though a full face mask provides superior protection with confined spaces, it can be quite bulky when used outside of your car.

Can you imagine wearing one while on your coffee break? It can be a bit cumbersome to carry around, and put back on if someone near you starts coughing. And this is where n95 facemasks become the more sensible option. 

The Joint Stars N 95 disposable particulate respirator mask comes with a  six-sheet construction that provides you ample protection from airborne particles, dust, and other non-toxic particles.

When worn correctly, it completely covers your mouth and chin minimizing the possibility of you inhaling any airborne particles. It also comes with a metallic nose strip that ensures a snug fit around the bridge of your nose.

Our n95 respirator face mask provides better protection than the regular blue surgical mask most people wear. 

Black Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile disposable gloves provide an extra layer of protection while you go around the city and interact with things.

We all know for a fact that the Corona Virus can remain active on surfaces for quite some time. So each time you open a door, buy something, or exchange money, the possibility of transmission is there.

By wearing powder free nitrile gloves, you create a barrier between your skin and any object you touch.

And though others see the wearing of nitrile rubber gloves as an overexaggeration, we see it as you just being cautious.

Keep in mind that we touch our face at least 16 times in an hour - and with the current number of Corona Virus cases numbering in the thousands within major cities - do you really want to risk it?

Motion Sickness Bags

Having a barf bag in your car while working may be something that many rideshare drivers take for granted. And we fully understand why. It’s not often that you encounter a passenger that has motion sickness and pukes inside your vehicle, right?

But what if it happens?

Keep in mind that the Corona Virus is released when an infected person releases aerosol particles into the air, be it through speaking, coughing, or sneezing.

Now if those three are able to release vapors into the air, imagine what would happen if an infected person barfs inside your car. Can you imagine the amount of vapor he/she will be releasing? Add to that, the vomit in your car is also infected.

So as you can see, there is an added benefit to having car sick bags handy while you ferry passengers back and forth. It’s not just a hygienic tool - but can also save you from the hassle of having your car disinfected.

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